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Hotel Moosbichl in Munich is a conveniently situated family-run house with a long tradition. Since 1914 already the hotel has been owned by the Huber family. The hotel is located in the Moosach district that is in the north of Munich, in the nice and quiet environs of the Dachau marshland. Around the hotel you can set out for many nice walks, beautiful cycling trips or longer hiking tours. Yet the hotel is close to all public transportation and you can quickly get to any destination and place of interest in Munich by city railroad, underground, tramway, bus or even by your own car. You can book rooms in our hotel for a good price and during the whole year.

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Lodging conveniently, centrally and comfortably at our hotel in Munich

If you are looking for a hotel in Munich, Hotel Moosbichl is a good choice for you. Our motto: A hotel in Munich, economical and good. At our site you will find comfortable and modern furnished rooms and an excellent service for your stay in the city. We let single and double rooms or bigger rooms for a whole family. You may enjoy a trouble-free stay with us any time, whether for a few days only or for your entire holidays.

During a fair or for various occasions like family or company celebrations, conferences or meetings, you can book conference rooms for a good price at our Munich hotel. Count on us to excellently provide for the welfare of your guests and conference members in every regard.

You can lodge during the night for a good price if you want to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich, too. The nearby city railroad station allows to you to access the fairground on the Wiesn within a few minutes. You can book your room at Hotel Moosbichl simply and comfortably on-line or by telephone.
Our house is your hotel in Munich.